Chanson Water Co has been developing total water solutions to families and households since 1979.
From design, assembly, to manufacturing Chanson each product goes through an extensive QC
process to make sure that our users gain the best user experience when using Chanson products.

Our R&D team continually brings innovation and new products to current markets and trends to make
sure our users benefit from latest water technologies, to keep providing the best results from drinking
Chanson water.
With over 30 years of manufacturing experience, we are confident to say that Chanson Water products
will be one of the leading brands globally in the water industry in the years to come. Changing lives
through the products we make, our goal is to bring a healthier lifestyle to all through the water we drink.


“Chanson Water Changing Lives"
The Chanson Core Values

Excellent Customer Service
Chanson believes in providing the best customer satisfaction for all types of customers. Giving
guidance, education, and success methods, each partner is taken care of carefully and made
sure that needs can be met. Creating that win / win situation for all parties, Chanson strives to
make sure that excellent customer service is met.

Education and learning are very important to the Chanson family. We believe in constantly updating
and learning new technologies to improve not on our products but also our manufacturing processes.
With a strong R&D team we constantly upgrade and improve our methods through proven methods.

Every employee, client, and user of the Chanson is part of a big Chanson family. With strong teamwork
we believe we can achieve more together. In addition our partners also benefit from a strong Assembly
line, R&D team, Sales force, and Education team. Working together to we can bring best water to people
who need it.