Structure of Water – Chanson Water Preliminary Research

2014 / 07 / 01
Chanson this year is leading the market with our new research regarding the structure of water. 
Below I have included some really interesting information regarding this research and even though this is just the
preliminary part of the research we are finding some really interested results and this research may prove some
of the benefits that Chanson products provide. 

Introduction to preliminary the Research
In the preliminary phase of the research we only looking at the structure of water. Our research is conducted in
Swiss lab that we cannot disclose at the moment. 
What the lab does is that they study the structure of water which has been made to crystalize with very technical
processes and then magnified so we can see the structure of the water. 

For it to be a real research, the results must be replicated by the same process over and over again. 
So far in our 1st stage of the research we have been structures of Chanson Alkaline and Acid water.
The interesting thing is that we are able to replicate the process and get the same results over and over again. 

Be prepared what you have to see
Now this is still in the preliminary stages of the research and we cannot conclude anything but you will be excited
to see what you see. 

The Picture below is showing what regular tap water looks like. As you can see there are many little holes in the
structure of the water. You will also see that it just doesn’t look that great. Now when we talk about regular tap
water there is chlorine that is put into tap water and we think that this chlorine which is not good for our bodies
may also impact the structure. 

In the next picture you will see after the water enters the Chanson Miracle Max PL-A705 and has been filtered
through our PJ6000 filter some shocking difference in the look of structure of the water. When you look at this
picture you see that the water is must more structured. 

Almost like a plant or some kind of tree structure. It definitely looks like softer and easier for the body to handle.
Which one would you like in your body? 

As you know Acid water has some great properties especially for killing bacteria’s, germs, and has been used
as a non-toxic cleaner.It is great for removing stains and also great as a moisturizer for our faces. Chanson
products can create acid water up to pH 2.5
All of these great properties are useful but we do not drink acid water because it is acidic. 
Soda, beer, and many soft drinks are acidic and we know that these products are not good for our bodies.
When you see the picture below maybe you will think twice between drinking soda. 

As you can see from the picture the structure of acid water looks totally different from a plant like structure as
the Ionized alkaline water produced with our Chanson Max ionizer PL A705. These structures with a 90 degree
branches, according to the scientists represents very high oxidative properties. For this reason acidic water
with high positive ORP ( +ORP) is very efficient to kill germs. This water acts as free radicals.  So this water is very
good for cleaning but not for drinking. They almost look like sharp knives or pines that would be uncomfortable to
our bodies. Just looking at the picture would you even try taking this into your body, if you knew it looked like this? 

Again these pictures have been replicated many times and we have many pictures in our research and we
have hundreds of these pictures in our lab testing. 

Recently, there has been more and more Alkaline filters that are being released into the market place. 
These very low priced products on the market claim that they have great health benefits for the body as well as
good –ORP.Definitely Chanson Water is constantly looking for great water solutions for people and we are a
manufacture of Water products.So we definitely also had to look into these types of products as well being a
leader in this market. 

We took a deeper look into these products and have found that the water that is being produced through chemical
ion exchange instead of ionization with electricity can also provide a negative ORP. So what we did was to take the
water produced from the alkaline water filters and studied the structure of the water. To our surprise the structure
of the water looks totally different, even with a negative ORP. Although this doesn’t prove anything at the moment
because we are still in the preliminary research it does show that there is still difference to what electricity induced
ionizers can do to the structure of the water. Have a look for yourself. 

This structure almost looks like a blend between the acid water and the tap water. 
Here is a side by side comparison of the two types of water structures. 
As you can see the Alkaline water produced in the Non Electric Alkaline filter produces very similar results to the
Chanson Water Ionizer.

Despite of the chemical parameters, similar pH and – ORP as our Chanson Ionized water, the structure of this
water produced with ORP filters (non electrical ionizers) is very similar to the acidic and high oxidized water with
a very low pH and + ORP. 
If really makes you think doesn’t it?  For sure you don’t want to drink a water that promote oxidation inside your body.
This is still our preliminary research and we are getting ready to go into phase 2 soon. Chanson is a leader in the
ionizer world today and we want to make sure that we provide the bestproducts to the world today. Thank you for your
support and we look forward to serving you more and providing the world with new products that will enhance the
quality of life.