The advantages of Alkaline Water Ionizer

2014 / 01 / 28

Researchers have found that alkaline water is anti-oxidant, prevents aging, and benefits the functionality of our stomach
and intestines. The reason we drink alkaline water not only demand purified clean water, but also provide health benefit
to our body. Alkaline water ionizer was first introduced by Japanese. The cathode charged (negative electrode) water has
been found to cure many chronic diseases, indigestion, and acid reflux symptoms. While positive charged water is mild
acidic water, and it can be used for sterilizing and beauty purpose. In comparison with other filtered water, alkaline water
is water that has functions.

The Five main features of Alkaline water ionizer:
1.Contains rich minerals, and divide minerals into two charges.
2.Smaller water molecule with high penetration and better body absorption.
3.Balance our acidic body from daily diet.
4.Release enough electrons to reduce harmful free radicals in our body.
5.Produce high OH and calcium ions in order to balance excessive OH ions into water.