Balance our acidic body

2014 / 01 / 28

Changing other health condition with alkaline water

70% of body fluid is water in our body. Water is an important element for human to maintain a healthy life. Ionized water is
different from filtered water. Using activated carbon as a pre-filteration, then ionizing filtered water to reach purified water
(reaching National drinking standard). Ionized water then divided into alkaline (negative charged) and acidic (positive
charged) water for its own special usage.

Alkaline (negative charged) water is good for health
•Alkaline water for daily drinking, can prevent from aging
•Changing calcium, magnesium, and other minerals into ion form for easy body absorption.
•Releasing of electrons to reduce massive attacks of free radical in our body, serve as anti-oxidant water.
•Creating smaller water molecules for better absorption and increase metalbolism.

Acidic (positive charged) water is good for sterilizing
•Acidic water for skin care
•Use on towels, mops, dishes for sterilizing.
•Good for cleaning pets for shinning hair.