What does Acidic body do to you

2014 / 01 / 28

Our body has natural mechanisms to eliminate acids, but limited. It can handle the natural acids created by the body
which are created in energy production and the process of rebuilding cells. However, the extra acidity created by a poor
diet has the body systems overwhelmed with a backlog of acids. This pH (acidity/alkaline) is important to the health of
living organisms.

The Japanese feel that the degenerative diseases as osteoporosis, cancers, arthritis, etc. are primarily due to acidosis
(the system being too acid).

When a body is acidic, it creates a welcoming environment for viruses and bacteria to come in and begin to flourish. As
viruses and bacteria continue to flourish inside our body, we experience lack of energy, frequent illness and pains. If a
person doesn't do anything about changing the acidic state of the body, the situation can get worse. Virus or bacteria can
mutate into a serious illness.