WS-105-Free Standing Water Dispenser

Introducing the new Encol by Chanson Bottleless Free-Standing Water Dispenser,
featuring superior durability and functionality for all of your home and office water dispensing needs.

Say goodbye to heavy water bottles and hello to fresh 5-stage filtered water! Enjoy boiling, iced,
and room temperature water at the touch of a button!

Go Bottleless!
The new Encol by Chanson Bottleless Water Dispenser is lightweight and is available in both countertop and free standing models. Imagine no longer having to wait or pay for bottle delivery, and no longer having to lug or store heavy water bottles. The Encol by Chanson Bottleless Water Dispenser is able to transform your ordinary tap water into a fresh, filtered, on demand, eco-friendly water supply. You'll save time, money and energy while helping the environment by investing in an Encol by Chanson Bottleless Water Dispenser over bottle delivery.

Superior Filtration, Healthy Water
Most water coolers and water dispensers use a standard reverse osmosis (R/O) system, which removes even the valuable alkaline minerals from your water. Even worse, some water dispensers provide no filtration whatsoever--you might as well just stick your glass under the tap!

But the Encol by Chanson Bottleless Water Dispenser provides five (5) amazing stages of filtration without removing the alkaline minerals that your body so desperately craves, with no toxic byproducts!

5-Stage Filtration:
1st: P.P. Sediment
2nd: Activated Carbon
3rd: Carbon Block
4th: Nano-Filter Membrane
5th: Post Carbon
Unparalleled Technology
Enjoy the convenience of the Encol by Chanson Bottleless Water Dispenser's easy to clean touch panel, four preserved water temperatures, six power saving timer presets and other exciting functions.

Reasons to Say No to Bottled Water Delivery
-It's expensive
-It's inconvenient because you have to call, wait for delivery, store the bottles, and heft them up onto the water cooler
-The water is not even healthy for you due to super R/O filtration which removes valuable alkaline minerals from the water rendering it acidic
-Water bottles have been known to contain BPA which has been linked to breast and prostate cancer, cardiovascular disease, infertility, diabetes, and neurological and behavioral disorders and can leech into your drinking water
-It's not eco-friendly -- 47 million gallons of oil are used to make the plastic bottles (not to mention the fuel used to transport them) and 38 billion plastic bottles end up in the landfills every year!

Advantages Over Competitor Models
-Made with a durable steel frame instead of cheap plastic
-Saves 3x more energy than one-way heating units
-Produces ice water 2x faster than competitors units
-Power saving mode saves 40% more power than competing units
-Plastic components are 2x the thickness of competitors