NF-370-Nano PLUS Mineral Water Filtration System

Nano filtration will provide the best water for your home. But
instead of taking out the beneficial minerals that are naturally
in the water source, the NF-370 will filter out the harmful
sustances while leaving in minerals for your family to drink.
Chanson is proud to introduce the brand new Nano PLUS Mineral Water Filtration System. The Nano PLUS is designed
for easy installation with all quick water connections.

The Nano PLUS is integrated with the new Chanson PF series Twist-lock Filters for outstanding filtering ability, easy filter
changing and quick servicing. Anyone will be able to change these filters while leaving no mess.

Chanson Nano Filtration System is known to be the best pre-filtration for all alkaline water ionizers systems. Providing
minerals to make the cleanest and perfect anti-oxidant ionized water. Combining a Chanson Nano Filtration with your water
ionizer is not a choice it is required.