NF-670Chanson Water Nano Filtration System

Nano-filtration uses high pressure to separate contaminants from
the water supply. Water is forced through a membrane that has tiny
holes which are no larger than, .001( 5 micron) this causes VOC’s,
SOC’s, bacteria, virus and a host of other unwanted contaminants to
be removed. The Chanson Nano-filter is considered an anti-bacterial
device since the smallest bacteria known to man is .02. Another
benefit of the NF 670M is its softening abilities. Water softening
generally involves the removal of hardness ions like calcium and
magnesium. Because these ions are multi-valent they are removed
by the 5 micron membrane of the NF 670M; as a matter of fact Nano-
filtration has been used for years by different states and counties for
municipal water.

The Chanson NF 670M nano-filtration system is the premier pre-filtration system available

for water ionizers today. The NF 670M is suitable for ionizers because the size of the pores

on the NF membrane is .0001-.00001 so it removes bacteria, virus’ and dangerous elements

but allows the valuable minerals through for your body to absorb, this is a huge breakthrough

since the last thing you want to do to water is strip it of its natural mineral content. Furthermore,

a defining characteristic of our NF membranes is that they reject multivalent ions such as calcium

and sulfate. Because of this fact, the nano-filtration system works naturally as a water softener

without any harsh chemicals or salt solutions needed. Many times people will attach their RO

(reverse osmosis) system to their ionizer for its filtration purposes however these RO systems

strip the water of its vital nutrients and minerals. The NF 670M will remove any dangerous

pathogens as well as dangerous

elements but allow the health boosting minerals and nutrients to still be present in our water.

The NF 670M can be used on its own (an accessory faucet is included) or in conjunction with

an ionizer. Either way the NF 670M will provide superior filtration technology unsurpassed by

any other filter on the market and the water taste is unsurpassed.