SF-204 -C3 Counter top Filtration system

Flexible… optional… eco-products
Un-changed water filter system is not popular anymore!

Why you have to choose Chanson?
High quality and economic is always our goal, our special design provides flexible filter’s foundation, and 5 Kg water pressure tolerance which means we can change our cartridge's combination according to the water quality and also we can provide you 1,2,3 or more stages. From this point, you can throw the old system away, the new one is very flexible ,space-saved and safe, please don't hesitate, come and find your best combinations.

Chanson's simple 3 stage counter top filtration system with Chanson's specific 10' filter cartridge and filter canisters.

The simpliest and smallest system as a direct drinking system or as a pre-filtration system to your alkaline water ionizer.

Filters can be replaced with other types of combination such as Ceramic filters, activated alumina filters, or Catalytic carbon filters