SF-207E -3 stage Ultra filtraion System

- Blocks out contaminants like bacteria, parasites, viruses as the water enters.
- 0.1 to 0.01 micron pore size
- Self-flushing system reduces operating and maintenance costs
- Filter Life: 2 to 5 years (depends on water quality)
- Can be installed as stand-alone filtration or multiple stages
- Ultra filter does not require electricity, hence more
environmental friendly
- The Ultra filter water purifier uses thousands of Ultra
filtration hollow filber membrane strands. Each membrane
strand containes billions of microscope pores. Facility
water pressure pushes water molecules through these
pores towards the hollow center of the membrane, while
blocking out larger contaminants such as bacteria,
parasites, and viruses.

The Advantage of Ultra Filter (Hollow Fiber)

Healthy water quality:
The Ultra filter physically blocks out contaminants like bacteria, parasites and 99% viruses as the water enters. Water from rivers, lakes and
mountains contains the following bacteria:

Keep minerals in the water:
It is efficient and does not remove all natural minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Environmental Friendly:
The service life of the hollow-fiber filter is 1~3 years. Not waste filter cartridges.

Self-flushing System:
Self-flushing system reduces operating and maintenance costs.

Save energy:
System will operate for several days without power, allowing for continued purification. RO system needs power either high water pressure or
AC power to run.

The installation is easy and convenient:
Compact unit can be easily added to any existing automated watering system.

Big water volume:
Ultra filter can satisfy whole family’s consumption of drinking, washing and cooking.